Diabetes and Psychological Care

Diabetes and Psychological Care

previous meetings have included...

Psychologists (06/06/2015)

We got some hot tips on how to talk to our children about diabetes. It’s not just about injecting insulin. How do we all cope?

  • How does it affect our family?
  • What do we do when it all gets a bit much?
  • How do we get help?
  • The Flagship “YES” project for young people.

Gavin Griffiths

  • Our inspirational speaker Gavin Griffiths, the Diathlete...one time olympic torch bearer, diagnosed at age 8, who has run the entire length of Britain in 30 days to raise money and awareness for type 1. 
  • Most recently Gavin has successfully toured the United States and Australia, with further endurance running challenges as well as public speaking engagements.  https://diathlete.org/