Welcome to the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (DUKLLANDS) Group

Welcome to the homepage of DUKLLANDS, Diabetes family support group for all those in southeast London and beyond.

Our aims are:

  • To put diabetic families in the area in touch with each other, for support and friendship
  • To enable young people to meet others living with diabetes, young and old, and realise that they are not alone, that they are not different.
  • To discuss things we would like to change or find out. We see our consultants a few times a year - but we live with diabetes 24 hours a day. Are there things you would like done differently at clinics? Perhaps you want to know more about current research? Find out about children's school provision, or how to improve it, chat through different options when life gets tricky, or....just let off steam!



Here's a quote from a family who have been to our meetings

”When we had the Type 1 bomb drop on our little boy and family we were nowhere near in a place to reach out and speak to anyone else about it. However, after a year of getting our heads round it, we dipped our toe in and we are SO glad we did.

The DUKLLANDS group has brought us a lot of joy and hope and support and very valuable information. It is hard to put into words how comforting it is being in a group of people who all know how life REALLY is dealing with your precious child being injected/having hypos/hypers/illness - the outside world always says 'oh, diabetes, that's quite easy to manage isn't it?' - HA!”